Ollie's Pub – Live music And Beer

Your Local Punk Ass Dive


Punk Prom Three: Escape From Mediocrity


March 18 – 07:00 pm


March 19 – 12:00 am

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Ollies Pub- Records and Beer

1019 Cape Coral Parkway East

Cape Coral, FL, United States, 33901

Oh boy. I can’t believe they let me write this out after last year. I mean we know the deal: nazi punks fuck off. Hey, speaking of which, I’m old, a soon to be boomer if you will. Y’all ever seen Escape From L.A.? It’s great, Kurt Rusell surfs away from a bomb. Hot take: I think it’s better the Escape From New York. Do you think they have prom the post capitalist apocalypse?
Oh hey! It’s Punk Prom time fools! We are now a trilogy! So you know the rules: punk music, good times, hugs, love, tears, moshing, no nazis, great people, oh we still have Prom Royalty! New crowns baby! We also have Maggie Blitz as our photographer for prom pictures! So many good bands and vendors! And more to be announced! Oh, and sandwiches. All the delicious sandwiches. If you ask Sean nicely he may even make a special one.


Except You
Go Read Theory
The Speed Spirits
Rath & Social Infants
Tiger 54
Pilot Jonezz

Vendors & Tables:

Love Your Rebellion
Makin Biscuits
Roach & Roll Records
The Mcgregor Clinic

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